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UPS courier (UPS Express) in 1907 as a messenger company was founded in Seattle, Washington, is a global company whose trademark is the world's most famous and one of the most admired trademark. As the world's largest express carrier and package delivery company and a transport, the leading provider of logistics, capital and e-commerce services. UPS every day in the world more than 200 countries and territories manage logistics, capital flow and information flow. By combining cargo flow, information flow and capital flow, UPS continues to develop new areas of supply chain management, logistics and e-commerce, and now UPS has grown into a $ 30 billion of assets of large companies. March 2012, UPS acquired the European express delivery giant TNT, into a revenue meter world's largest courier companies. 
Company information 
Chairman & CEO: Michael L. Eskew 
2004 revenue: $ 36.6 billion 
2007 revenue: $ 49.7 billion 
2008 revenue: $ 51.5 billion 
Number of Employees: Global 425,300 (US 358,000; International 67,300) 
Parcel service: 
2004 delivery volume: 3.6 billion packages and documents 
Daily delivery volume: 14.1 million packages and documents 
Daily US Air volume: 2.1 million packages and documents 
Daily international delivery capacity: 1.4 million packages and documents 
2008 delivery volume: 3.9 billion packages and documents 
Daily delivery volume: 15.5 million packages and documents 
Daily US Air volume: 2.1 million packages and documents 
Daily international delivery capacity: 2 million packages and documents 
Every address in North America and Europe; more than 200 countries and territories: Service Area 
Customers: 7.9 million daily (1.8 million pick-up, 6.1 million delivery) 
Service outlets: UPS Store 4,200; UPS operating 1,500 stores (Global); UPS service center 1,000; 17,000 authorized service points; UPS drop box 40,000. 
The operating mechanism: 1,748 
Transport fleet: 88,000 parcels vehicles, vans, tractors and motorcycles 
UPS jet aircraft fleet: 269; the world's largest airline 9 
Number of Aircraft Leasing: 305 
Daily flight segments: Domestic: 1,071; International: 767 
Number of airport services: Domestic: 400; International: 377 
International express delivery giant UPS at Shenzhen Baoan airport aviation hub in the May 18, 2010 officially opened, which is the UPS in China after Shanghai's second transit center. UPS Derek Woodward, president of Asia Pacific, said, with the Hong Kong hub, UPS worldwide over 10 transit center has three layouts in China, China is UPS's most important overseas market. The next step will be and domestic airlines, expansion in China's domestic route network. 
The new transit center operator stations covering 130,000 square meters, equivalent to 12 standard football field, has completed a project 90,000 square meters, and another 150,000 square meters of tarmac. Now installed devices can support 18,000 parcels per hour, the future will be expanded to 36,000 per hour processing capacity. Shenzhen customs, inspection and quarantine office at the transit center in the field, can be 24 hours for cargo declaration, inspection and clearance. The transit center currently has more than 400 employees. The difference between the transit center for the positioning and December 2008 to enable the transit center in Shanghai, UPS Asia Pacific President Woodward said that Shanghai customers to high-tech, high value-added products, exports straight Europe, the US and Japan and the Middle East market, which two centers functionally complementary. Function Shanghai center is to be connected to Europe and the Middle East, China, is an international transit center, while the Shenzhen mostly intra-Asian cargo transit. 
Enable Shenzhen transit center, marking the completion of the layout UPS "Shanghai, Shenzhen dual-centric" operating in China. Asia-Pacific transport function before undertaking Philippines Clark hub basically replace the two centers, currently only transit center in Shenzhen, which is five times the operating area of ??the Clark hub, handling the volume of the latter seven times per hour.

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